Skye Cahoon


I am a biromantic demisexual and I am a zoology major, psychology minor undergrad.//

I am fascinated by animal cognition, especially in parrots, corvids, and octopuses, all of which I’ve had the immense privelege to work with one-on-one. Here, I’m pictured at the New England Aquarium playing with their male giant pacific octopus, The Professor. One day I hope to have my own lab to conduct research on these fascinating creatures, but for now I am a rather eclectic scientist. I work in my institution’s herbarium to database our vast historical collection of fungi and vascular plants, in a seabird lab analyzing feather wear due to salt water bacteria and how keratin deposits affect that wear, and in a marine invertebrate lab collecting and identifying microscopic invertebrates in rockweed samples. I’m currently preparing for my thesis where I’ll be conducting field research to determine local squirrels’ home ranges, then giving them novel tagged hazelnut seeds and studying how they disperse them, especially across abiotic landscapes like parking lots and streets.

Instagram: @skyetara