Rose Amrhein


I am queer and I am a primatologist.//


I have loved the natural world since I was a little kid, flipping over rocks in my backyard in hopes of finding snakes or salamanders. While I still have the fascination for all the critters the world has to offer, my work now mostly focuses on primates. I am currently a Biology PhD candidate at the University of Louisville with an emphasis on Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior. My research investigates how the anthropogenic environment affects primate social behavior with the goal of developing solutions that best mitigate issues that arise within the borders of human and primate habitat. I am also greatly interested in how social media plays a role in harmful wildlife practices and interactions and educating others about these intricacies.

While I love research, I have a great passion for educating and encouraging others to pursue work in biology. As someone who spent years struggling with both my identity and future career directions, I would love nothing more that to become someone that the future generations of queer scientists turn to for support.