Caio Cheohen


I am gay and I am a biomedical scientist.//


I’ve always wanted to be a scientist, so first I got my degree as a biomedical scientist, and master degree in science, and now I’m a PhD candidate at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janiero, in Brazil.

I never wanted to work with animal experiments, so for some time I thought that I would not ‘find my way’ into science. So in 2016 I discovered the bioinformatics and computational biology field, and now I work against COVID-19 using trying to discover some Brazilian natural product that could be helpful in the COVID-19 treatment!

I’m also a mathematics graduate student. Why? because I love to learn, and I really think that it can contribute with my PhD in the future, when I’ll try to develop computational tools in the mission to reduce, and even substitute animal testing in science fields.

So in STEM, I’m working in ‘S’ and studying in ‘M’

Let’s make the LGBTQI+ community stronger in science!