Morghan McCool


I am bi and I am a bryologist.//


I’m a bryologist. Bryophytes include mosses, liverworts and hornworts. While I’m only in my graduate career, my current research involves foliar fungal endophytes of bryophytes and community assembly of bryophytes at cave entrances. Part of my personal philosophy is that science must be tangible for those who are affected by it. That means connecting people to science through education, outreach, or even by social media. I’m incredibly passionate about preservation and conservation and I believe that the primary route to achieving goals of conservation must involve the community. One way that I’m working on this is through TikTok. I have a TikTok account where I talk about mosses and their importance to the ecosystem, and I debunk some mossy flim-flam. I also answer questions about climate change and other environmental issues.