I don’t care what pronouns people use with me

I am queer, non-binary, transmasculine and I am an aseptic coach for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.//

Hiya! I’m Rory, or Ror for short, and I absolutely adore science and all it’s wonders. I fell in love with outdoors and wanted to carry that into school so I studied ecology including entomology (study or insects) focusing on bee research, and even got to go to a South American rainforest in Suriname to hunt for beetles! Now that I’m graduated I’ve worked for numerous biomanifacturing industry leaders working in the Quality Department. I am a Aseptic Coach in Aeoric Quality Department at Pfizer where I carefully watch production make sterile products that all the hospitals around the U.S. rely on to save people’s lives. My job is to make sure they remain sterile and aseptic (without contamination) while creating these amazing life saving products that millions of people rely on every year! Don’t forget to follow your dreams no matter how nerdy or cool they are! Be the change you wish to see in the world and #NeverGiveUp

Instagram: @roryevin_ftm & @prettiboi.transapparel