Martin Kampmann


I am gay and I am a cell biologist.//

I am an Assistant Professor at UCSF and an Investigator at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub.My lab is interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms driving human disease, in particular neurodegenerative diseases. We developed a discovery platform based on CRISPRi/a functional genomics screens in human iPSC-derived neurons and glia to uncover relevant molecular players. We use cell biology and biochemistry to understand the mechanisms by which these molecular players control disease processes. This also teaches us about normal cell biology, and I am particularly interested in how cells deal with stress, and how cell biology is rewired and adapted in different cell types. When I was a trainee, I didn’t really know about any out LGBTQ faculty. So my goal is to increase visibility in science and support LGBTQ scientists.

Twitter: @MartinUCSF