Ren Weinstock


I am non-binary & queer and I am a budding biologist.//

I recently graduated with a BS in Biology and have since taken field positions in coastal conservation and sea turtle research. Being so early in my path, I’m not sure what I want to specialize in, but I’m very invested in learning everything I can and gaining as much experience as possible! I feel lucky to be in this field, work predominantly outside, and be consistently engaged and excited by my work. Most of my work has been in the Southeast US, which has been very beautiful, but it has also been tough trying to find my footing as a non-binary scientist in this new environment. The hardest part about this has been the lack of visible queer and non-binary role models both where I am and in STEM. I’m therefore beyond grateful for platforms such as this that have allowed me to analyze and process my experiences with other queer scientists. I’m excited to be here and queer and connecting with y’all!