Jamie Silva


I am gay and I am an environmental scientist.//

I am an environmental scientist with the Department of Water Resources. I am currently working on a Prop 1 research study focusing on the ability of native plants to resist the reinvasion of the invasive water primrose, Luwigia sp., to inform tidal wetland restoration in the SF-Bay Delta Estuary. I am a proud banana slug hailing from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a background in Marine Biology. I have had the opportunity to work as a National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) observer in the commercial swordfish gill net fishing industry. From the ocean to the rivers, my focus has evolved into restoration work focusing on endangered species, such as Chinook Salmon and Delta Smelt. Climate change and habitat availability are increasingly threatening the livelihood of sensitive species here in California. I’m proud to be a gay asian scientist doing my part to conserve our natural environment and privileged to promote diversity within STEM.

Instagram: @jamie_silva22