Nick Weirath


I am gay and I am a medicinal chemist.//


I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where I spend a lot of my time working on optimizing mass spectrometry based bioanalytical assays for enzyme activity. A lot of my research is focused on TET enzymes and their impact on DNA methylation. I love finding new applications for interesting technologies and applying those findings towards developing and optimizing new, efficient assays.

My undergrad training happened at a very small school where I was fortunate enough to meet amazing life-long mentors. I want to carry that kind of relationship into my career as I move up the ladder and eventually land a faculty position somewhere I can help make a difference in the life of a budding scientist.

When I’m not in the lab, you can easily find me trying out new bread recipes, hiking trails around Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, or curled up with a book and my cat, Molly.