Pratyaksh Singh


I am gay and I am an evolutionary biologist.//


I am a master’s student in Organismic, evolution and paleobiology(OEP-Biology)  at the Universität Bonn, Germany. The research project is focused on the phenomics and genomics of adaptive traits and speciation in parasitoid wasps, Nasonia spp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). My master thesis addresses the phenotypic interspecific differences in the complex behavioural traits of host findings. The study aims to identify and quantify differences in the host finding traits between two species. The differences might reflect local adaptations and reinforce prezygotic isolation in the sympatric populations, i.e., directly related to the evolutionary process of speciation. Consequently, host finding behaviours proposed as one of the primary forces of adaptation and specialisation in parasitoid wasps. Comparative studies of these host-use associated traits are vastly needed… Beyond the lab, I enjoy hiking, sketching and cooking.