Chelsea-Victoria Turner


I am queer and I am a plant scientist and fungal associate.//


I am a recovered addict who got a job at the local greenhouse the day after I got out of treatment. This is when my life began. All my life – even through my addiction- I loved to learn. I found that plants were an unending opportunity to obtain knowledge that had me chasing a whole different kind of dragon. Plants led to soils which led to mychorrhizae and other fungi which led to lichen which led to symbiosis which led to ecology which lead to evolution which led to biochemistry which led to…well you get the drift. I decided to go back to school in 2020 and recently graduated with an associates in plant science and am continuing my education this fall in an agroecology and environment sciences and natural resources dual degree with minors in soil science and restoration ecology. I have been fortunate enough to do graduate level work at my community college where I studied the effect of mycorrhizal inoculants on the three sisters crops to which, the lesson is, there needs to be way more research done as mycology is a whole new world. Also, yeah, I don’t work with any other LGBTQAI+ people so thank you for this community!