I am demi-sapio and I am an anthropology undergraduate student, Site Director for SEDS USA Job Site, and Sponsorship Manager for NewSpace 2019.//

I struggled a long time with figuring out “what was wrong with me”. As a matter of fact, it was only in the last year and a half I learned the words to help describe what I experience. I was told many times that I was broken because I didn’t fit the standard “immediate physical attraction” with anyone. It would take me months to feel anything for anyone and spent many doctor visits trying to figure out if it was a hormone imbalance, if I was sick or if it was something else. And indeed it was something else. After being talked to by a fellow LQBTQ+ friend, I finally understood my own sexuality and that I was not broken; I shouldn’t feel bad or let others tell me I’m broken or that there’s something wrong with me because there is nothing wrong with me. I just have different attractions than physical. No one should be criticized or as though there is something wrong with them for the way they love and who they love.

Twitter: @MorganKainu, Instagram: @makainu