I am queer and I am a paleoceanographer.//

I am an earth scientist working towards my PhD at Harvard in Earth in Planetary Sciences. I have a background in physical oceanography and science communication from my undergrad at University of Washington. I am endlessly curious about the history of our earth’s oceans and climate! I am currently working on trying to reconstruct ocean conditions at various points throughout geologic time to inform research in human migration and glacial inception. I solidified my love of science through fieldwork in the Himalayas, the Pacific Ocean, and the Juneau Icefield – all places where I met amazing queer scientists that helped me create a sense of belonging in my own field AND allowed me the space to come into my own. In addition to my coursework, I organize with the Harvard Graduate Student Union’s committee for gender discrimination and sexual harassment (#TimesUp). Good science tells a story, and I plan to use my career to create a legacy of collaboration, science-informed decision making, and thoughtful storytelling.

Twitter: @mj_borreggine