Robert Mahon


I am gay and I am a geologist.//

I am an assistant professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New Orleans. My work focusses on the movement of sediment in rivers and deltas on Earth and Mars. I take a particular interest in understanding the long timescale evolution of sediment transport systems and their response to changes in climate, tectonic, and biotic conditions. I have had a long line of caring and accepting mentors and colleagues from my B.S. at the University of Montana, my M.S. at Idaho State University, my Ph.D. at the University of Wyoming, to my postdoc at University of Arkansas. All throughout, however, I struggled with a lack of LGBT role models in the field. I am inspired by all the other researchers on 500QueerScientists and I hope to live up to their inspiration with my own story.

Twitter: @RobertCMahon