Marco Carfagnini


I am gay and I am a PhD student in math.//

I am originally from Rome, but I moved at University of Connecticut to get my PhD in math. I work in a very small field called stochastic differential geometry, basically i study Brownian motion living on spheres (or other geometric structures). Being gay in Rome and in the States are two completely different things. Even though I have always been openly gay, when I was living in Rome, whenever I said something about my homosexuality, I was feeling judged somehow. Not necessarily in a negative way, but I did notice people looking at me in a different way (at least at first). On the other side, I love the States because people don’t care about who you are and whom you’re interested in. Whenever I say something about being gay, people/students don’t have any surprised or shocked expression. I think this is great.

Instagram: @_madmt_