Alejandro “Alex” Gener


I am gay and I am a non-traditional physician-scientist in training.//

Howdy! Currently a PhD candidate in the Integrative Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at Baylor College of Medicine, in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Klotman. My research focuses are HIV (example: and host-pathogen interactions. As a part of my interest in medical education, I am a counselor and tutor of students sitting for the Step 1 of the US Medical Licensure Exam. I am also interested in biotech entrepreneurialism at the interphase between education and industry. Throughout my training, I’ve had both positive and negative experiences, and I’m devoted to working with my current institution(s) to improve the training environment for other trainees. Some cool things as of late have been representing BCM STEM outreach at London Calling 2019, THE annual nanopore DNA sequencing conference, where I got to present a poster on how we teach middle school students about DNA sequencing and have them help out with library prep for real samples. Also starting a fencing club! If I could say one thing to folks scrolling through these pages, it’s that science is a team effort, and our differences are what make us stronger.

Twitter: @Cas9Bandit