Matthew Sinton


I am gay and I am a PhD researcher in metabolism and epigenetics.//

I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, and I study gene regulation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I’m really interested in understanding how changes in liver metabolism change gene transcription, and what mechanisms control these changes. I became a scientist because I’ve always been curious about the world, and I’ve always loved the challenge of figuring things out. So if I can do both of those things and hopefully contribute in some small way to what we know about the world, then that’s great. Through my training as a scientist, I’ve only met a couple of other scientists who were “out”, one of them being my husband. I know that I still feel a small amount of hesitation when I mention having a husband, worrying about the potential reaction and impact it could have on my career. I hope that through participating in this that I help to increase visibility for LGBTQ scientists, because we should never have to feel hesitation about being ourselves.

Twitter: @msinton83; Instagram: @inst.matthew