Lynn Conway


I am trans and I am a professor of EECS, Emerita, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.//

I’m a computer scientist who revolutionized information technology by inventing new methods that greatly simplified the design and fabrication of complex microchips. During the late 1970s, I widely shared my knowledge with young people in STEM, both as a university professor and as an author of the seminal textbook on microchip engineering. My work paved the way for the modern microchips found in almost all high-technology systems, including computers, mobile phones, and the internet. Amazingly, I did that groundbreaking work in “stealth-mode” after secretly completing my gender transition in 1968. As I neared retirement in 1998, I quietly came out via the internet, and my website,, quickly became a beacon of hope for transgender people world-wide. In 2012, I published a memoir revealing how—closeted and hidden behind the scenes—I conceived the ideas and orchestrated the events that disruptively changed an entire industry.