Lloyd Woodham


I am gay and I am an astrophysicist.//


I started my STEM journey studying Astrophysics at Aberystwyth University in Wales. In my final year, I moved to Svalbard for an Erasmus exchange programme to study Arctic geophysics.

I then undertook a PhD in space plasma physics at UCL, where I was based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in the Surrey hills. For my research, I used data from spacecraft to probe turbulence and waves in the solar wind, trying to understand the mechanisms behind heating of the plasma. I also spent a summer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, using supercomputing facilities there to perform high-resolution simulations of plasma turbulence.

After finishing my PhD last year, I am now a postdoc at Imperial College London. My current research uses data from the recently launched Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter spacecraft to learn more about the heating of the solar atmosphere and formation of the solar wind.

Outside of my research, I’m passionate about promoting and improving diversity in academia. I also enjoy hiking, travelling and music.