Adam Rosenzweig


I am gay and I am a chemical biologist.//


I completed my B.S. in Chemistry at Wake Forest University. After graduating, I took a year away from science to work as a baker. Then I took a job as a research technician at Weill Cornell Medicine doing molecular biology in lab which focuses on cancer metabolism. Now I am a graduate student in the Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology in NYC.

My current research involves synthesizing natural products whose molecular structures are predicted via computational analysis of bio-synthetic gene clusters from the genomes of different bacteria. These predicted molecules are suspected to possess antibiotic properties. I work alongside computational biologists who make structural predictions, then I come in as the chemist who designs the total synthesis of those molecules. We can then test these molecules to evaluate their antibiotic potential in living systems!

Outside of the lab I spend my time cooking, baking, swimming, and exploring NYC’s amazing LGBTQ nightlife!