John D Howard


I am gay and I am a molecular biologist/biotechnologist.//


I recently finished my PhD at the University of Sheffield on improving dsRNA stability for insecticidal RNAi, which is a species-selective method of blocking key genes from working in insects in order to kill them, and has the potential to replace traditional small-molecule pesticides. Interested in RNAi in general, the chemistry of interactions between biomacromolecules (proteins/DNA/RNA/glycans), and becoming increasingly interested in biophysics and structural biology.
Before that, MEng in Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology, also at UoS, so you might describe my route through science do far as “non-traditional”!
Currently postdoc/science job hunting.

Outside of science I play (piano/sax/singing) and write music, walk in the countryside for distances that Frodo and Sam would be proud of, climb, and practice being bad at smiling naturally for photos…