Kelsey Campbell

They/Them, She

I am queer and genderfluid and I am a data scientist.//

I am an economist turned data scientist who has always been passionate about using data to understand the complexities of the world. In 2017 I started Gayta Science, a site devoted to highlighting the LGBTQ+ experience using data science and analytics! With a growing team of volunteer analysts, designers, researchers, and programmers, the site aims to investigate a variety of LGBTQ+ issues using data-driven techniques and open source technology. I am especially proud of a piece that used 3 years of personal gender data to explore my genderfluid identity. I was excited to put my story of discovery and acceptance out there, hoping that it would help others on similar journeys or those interested in expanding their understanding of gender! It was also a fun exercise in text analytics and d3.js data visualization. Figuring out how to balance my queer and genderfluid identities within often stifling STEM environments is an evolving process for me. Even though it is risky and isolating, I feel like it is important to be visible and authentic. These environments need to become more inclusive, and the only way things will change is if we have more people being bravely visible, paving the way for others.

Twitter @gaytascience @campkels, Facebook @gaytascience, Github @gaytascience @campkels