Guillermo Diaz-Fanas


I am gay and I am an earthquake engineer.//

I am an Earthquake Engineer at WSP USA and my work is focused on performance and risk-based design, and seismic hazard analysis. I’ve been part of the design of iconic high-rise buildings and infrastructure projects around the world. My volunteering work is focused on earthquake awareness and risk mitigation, and advocacy for Diversity and Inclusion of oppressed groups in STEM. Beyond advocating for inclusion of intersectional individuals, I have organized and spoke at STEM events about the importance of fighting discrimination and persecution of underrepresented groups in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) fields. I currently serve as founding President for the Queer Advocacy & Knowledge Exchange (Qu-AKE), a non-profit organization which empowers LGBTQ+ individuals to pursue ACE careers.I was recently recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the top 10 New Faces of Civil Engineering, and with the 2017 WSP Research and Innovation Fellowship, designed to foster and accelerate the development and application of bright ideas. Under this fellowship program, I am evaluating the risk of dense urban centers to earthquakes and finding common sense and engineered solutions to mitigate it. I envision that this will raise the interest of city officials and stakeholders to protect communities from seismic events.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @guzdf