Constantina Bakolitsa

Pronoun agnostic

I am bi and I am a project scientist.//


I am bi and a scientist in computational genetics.

I started my research career as a biochemist and physicist working in structural biology in the field of cell motility and adhesion, before a brief foray into neuroscience investigating visual processing, and a subsequent shift to bioinformatics seeking to understand proteins of unknown function. Currently, I am looking to assess and evaluate computational methods predicting genomic variant impact by comparing their predictions to results from experimental and clinical data. The field of genome interpretation is still very young, so very exciting in terms of possibilities and prospects.

In my experience, bias in science is very real, although I have found this to be the case more in terms of gender and ancestry (race) than sexual orientation. I feel very grateful towards all the civil rights activists, especially African Americans, who put themselves on the line before me, so I can now be in a same sex relationship and enjoy the same rights as heterosexual married couples. The same applies for all the possibilities I had as an immigrant in the US. At the time of this writing (June 2020), all of us beneficiaries have the chance to return the favor. #BLM