Jessi Cucinello-Ragland


I am bi & genderqueer and I am a neurophysiologist.//


I am a bisexual, genderqueer neuroscientist/physiologist with a passion for pain research. My love for all things neuroscience began at the University of Mississippi, under the mentorship of an amazing scientist and teacher who first introduced me to the wonders of the human brain. I spent two and a half years under his mentorship while working in the psychopharmacology lab on campus, where I conducted research on preclinical animal models of pain, migraine, and depression. My neuroscience journey now continues in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I am currently pursuing a PhD in physiology studying the effects of chronic pain and substance use on the endocannabinoid system. I didn’t meet a single out queer scientist until coming to graduate school, and I am proud to be a part of 500 Queer Scientists so that I can show all the rising queer scientists that other people like them are out there.