Lauren Aulet


I am a lesbian and I am a cognitive scientist.//


I am a fifth year graduate student at Emory University in Stella Lourenco’s Spatial Cognition lab. I am interested in how we perceive and represent complex, multidimensional stimuli, and how these representations change (or don’t!) over development . Primarily, my work examines how we perceive and represent numerical magnitude (how can we tell how many objects are present in a scene?), as well as non-numerical magnitudes (e.g., size, brightness, duration, distance, etc.). In this work, I incorporate multiple techniques (psychophysics and functional imaging), developmental populations (infancy, childhood, and adulthood) and species (human and canine).

At Emory, I also collaborate with the labs of Daniel Dilks and Gregory Berns. As an undergraduate, I studied psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science at SUNY Geneseo where I worked with Jeffrey Mounts and Ganie Dehart.