George Inglis


I am gay I am a scientific journal editor.//


I think like most people, I originally went into academia with the goal of running my own lab (and teaching). One of the faculty in my graduate department had actually had actually been a senior editor at Nature and regularly hosted workshops on the editorial process that really opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in academic publishing. So, after finishing my PhD in epilepsy genetics at Emory University, I applied around and joined the in-house editorial team at Communications Biology. While I do miss having ownership over data and working in a lab environment, I love the chance to learn and explore new science each day in this role. Communications Biology has a wide scope (everything under the biological sun), so I have a broad remit of neuroscience, genetics, and microbiology. I think 500 Queer Scientists is a fantastic initiative and I’m happy to be a resource to anyone else interested in working in an academic-adjacent environment.