Sophie Comer-Warner


I am queer and I am a biogeochemist.//


Hi! I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Research Fellow hosted by the University of Birmingham, UK and am currently in the ‘global’ phase of the fellowship at McGill University. I am investigating how future global change will affect the biogeochemistry of salt marshes. I am particularly interested in nitrogen and carbon processing and greenhouse gas emissions, which may affect water quality and the negative climate feedback of salt marshes.

I recently finished my Ph.D. at the University of Birmingham investigating drivers of streambed nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas production in agricultural streams. After this I completed a post-doctoral fellowship investigating the nitrogen removal capacity of tropical coastal wetlands in Vietnam under varying restoration and land-use classes. All my work is connected through the aim of understanding the effects of future global change (climate and land-use) on nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas production across aquatic landscapes, from freshwater to coastal.

I believe we need to do better as a community to make STEM more diverse and welcoming, and visibility of underrepresented communities is an important part of this! Outside of work I am usually spending time with my partner and lively toddler, enjoying nature or watching/playing football!