Emma Snyder


I am a lesbian and I am a clinical research assistant pursuing a career in genetic counseling.//

My educational background in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Biology led me to my current position, assisting clinical research on Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome. It’s a fascinating role with many opportunities to think critically about sex chromosome variations and notions of sex and gender. I find that my gender studies background and personal investment in advocating for LGBTQ+ awareness in clinical care/research have been really crucial in this role, since many of my co-workers think more strictly scientifically about the research conducted. Working for the first time in a clinical setting has made me aware of how far we have to go to standardize and normalize LGBTQ-centered care and research. Most days, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to build strong relationships with mentors in the sciences and begin to have more action-oriented conversations on the issues facing LGBTQ+ individuals in healthcare settings. I’m excited to do this in the context of genetic counseling, too, where I feel there are many opportunities to think deeply about how LGBTQ+ folks can have their genetic health needs more effectively met. I’d love to connect with anyone thinking about the intersections of genomic medicine and LGBTQ+ competent/centered care!

Instagram: @emmasnyder