I am genderfluid, pansexual, panromantic and I am an undergrad research assistant.//

I am an undergrad research assistant and will be pursuing Master’s in Computer Science followed by a PhD. I grew up in South India and haven’t met any one who was queer and out in my family, friends and teachers.I didn’t know what my gender and sexuality was till I came to Wright State University (in the USA) where I had the opportunity to find my self through resources like Office of LGBTQA Affairs. Learning more about my gender and sexuality and coming out to myself made me the happiest I had ever been. I felt like some took of weights from shoulder that I have been carrying all my life. These weights were the stereotype that they put on me as I was assigned male at birth. After coming out, I have decided that LGBTQ+ voices must be heard and our stories must be told. Bring this awareness, would help younger generation in two ways: one by providing them possibility models (which I hope I had when I was coming out), two by telling them we can be queer and thrive in spaces. Seeing LGBTQ+ STEM representation makes me happy and keeps me motivated to keep to be Computer Scientist.