Brian Lam


I am gay and I am a high school science teacher and science education researcher.//

I am a gay male, and I am a high school science teacher (physiology and biology); I also conduct research within the field of science education hoping to pinpoint ways to support the retention of LGBTQ+ post-secondary science students. All throughout high school and college (undergraduate and graduate), I have met many LGBTQ-identified individuals who left the STEM field or lost interest in STEM because of the lack of inclusion and support. It quickly became my goal to help inform others about the LGBTQ+ community, as well as continue to spread my love for the sciences. From shifting my students’ mindsets about LGBTQ+ individuals to creating more inclusive spaces for exploring one’s own identity, I believe that the work I do is truly meaningful for all of the current and future STEM folks.

Twitter: @brianbefresh; Instagram: @brianbefresh