Elizabeth Davidson


I am queer and I am a biologist.//


I have always been very passionate about the natural world and learning “how things worked,” but it didn’t really occur to me to pursue a degree in science until the summer before my senior year of high school. I attended a summer program in genetics with a laboratory component and was sold — spending the morning working through experiments and the afternoons discussing “real” journal articles for the first time instantly swayed me from pursuing creative writing in college to declaring as a biology major pretty much the second I stepped on campus. As an undergraduate I did lab work using zebrafish as diabetes models, and now I am pursuing my PhD investigating brain-gut-microbiome interactions in zebrafish models of inherited neurological disorders. Between the two, I worked as a paralegal for three years as part of a STEM-related intellectual property practice group. I am very happy to be back doing bench work and investigating questions I get to develop.