Julie Larson


I am a lesbian and I am an ecologist.//


I’m an ecologist trying to conserve and restore working lands — the natural landscapes we simultaneously rely on for agriculture (ranching), habitat, recreation, and tons of other services. I do a lot of research in plant ecology to explore potential problems and solutions, but a broader goal is to connect and inspire the wide range of people tied to these landscapes… to spur a bigger sort of change.

I’m deeply proud of my identity, and I’ve been fortunate that being open has only strengthened my professional and personal connections. But it can still feel like a challenge in certain settings, and we’ve got some ways to go to lift up our whole community. So I’m immensely grateful for the progress that those have made before me — thank you! And I’ll continue to lend a shoulder, however I can, for others in the LGBTQIA+ STEM community to keep on climbing.