Chelsie Bowman


I am panromantic asexual and I am a geochemist and paleoceanographer.//


I am a geologist and postdoctoral scholar at Pennsylvania State University. I use geochemistry, paleontology, and sedimentation/stratigraphy to reconstruct paleoceanographic conditions. I use geochemical proxy records from marine shales and limestones to understand the oxygenation and/or deoxygenation of ancient oceans. The redox (reduction-oxidation) conditions of ancient oceans can have major impacts on animal evolution and extinction.

When I’m not doing research, I like to travel and explore new places, sing, read sci-fi thrillers, and watch crime procedurals. I shamelessly enjoy bad geology (and other disaster) movies and have been learning how to sew. Also trying to expand my scientific interests and have recently been reading more about zoonotic viruses and epidemiology.