I am queer, transmasc and I am a public health researcher and student.//


When I was 18, entering college as a bright-eyed, very-much-in-the-closet cis-het woman, I thought that music – my chosen major – was going to be my life’s work. But life has a really funny way of working itself out, as we all know. After graduating, I made a career switch to public health after moving cross-country to New England. I’m finishing my Masters of Public Health in 2023, work full-time in health insurance, and am an aspiring PhD candidate. My research interests have to do with how different structural forces – such as schools, policies, and social determinants of health – influence the health of LGBTQ adolescents, and how that might impact their health later in life. My purpose as a researcher is twofold: to ensure that future generations of queer kids grow up to be the best versions of themselves and to encourage other first-generation, weird, trans nerds like me to make a difference in the lives of others with the power of STEM!