Brent Allman


I’m gay and I’m an evolutionary biology PhD student studying RNA viruses. //

I’m currently a doctoral candidate at Emory University. I use quantitative simulations and phylogenetics to better understand the benefits and limitations of sex in these viral systems. Outside of my research interests, I work passionately on diversity and inclusion efforts at my institution. I mentor minority undergraduates, facilitate a discussion group for LGBTQ graduate students, and am out and proud whenever possible. Being gay, biracial, and first generation, I never had mentors that could share my experience in the sciences. I was lucky to start my PhD with three other queer/trans folks who make me feel seen and valued. I am extremely thankful for resources like 500 Queer Scientists, oSTEM, and NOGLSTP, which have shown me that I have thousands of peers with whom I share one or more identities. When I am not science-ing, I enjoy cooking, watching TV, and fantasizing about being a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.