Tristram D. Wyatt


I’m gay and I’m an evolutionary biologist studying pheromones. //

I study animal behavior, focusing on the ways that animals communicate using pheromones (invisible chemical signals). My award-winning book explores the whole animal kingdom and discusses the roles of pheromones from ecological, evolutionary, molecular, and neuroscience perspectives. I think it’s important to be out as a scientist (though I still find myself hesitating at times). I live with Robert, my husband of 23 years, who is a photographer and artist. When I arrived in Oxford as a University Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Biological Sciences in 1989, there was no support group for LGBT staff, so I founded the Oxford Area Academic LGBT Staff Network. Later, I co-founded the University’s official LGBT+ Staff Network (2009) and initiated the now annual Oxford University LGBT history-month lecture. I was invited to help reinvigorate the LGBT Staff Network i600 at Imperial College London in 2013. I have enjoyed speaking at the UK’s LGBT STEMinar, Oxford Pride, and Royal Society during London Pride week. I’m a Senior Research Fellow in the Zoology Department at the University of Oxford and a visiting lecturer at University College London. I’m also an Emeritus and founding Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford.