Barbara Belmont


I am a lesbian and I am an analytical chemist and LGBTQ+ activist. //

I am analytical chemistry faculty at CSUDH, teaching Quantitative Analysis to undergraduates. I mentor undergraduate research in natural products analysis, electroanalytical chemistry, organic chemical analysis, and laboratory curriculum development. I also run an independent testing laboratory, offering analytical services for manufactured product quality evaluation. My expertise is analysis of and consulting about Volatile Organic Compounds used in consumer products and coatings/adhesives, specializing in analytical methods development and validation, FTIR spectroscopy, and Gas Chromatography using FID, TCD, and MS detection methods. I am a long-time advocate and champion for STEM education, public understanding of science, and broadening participation in STEM, and am an OUT and PROUD member of the LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusion movement within my professional societies (ACS, AAAS, NOGLSTP).