Weston Halberstadt


I am gay and I am a secondary physics teacher.//


When I first started at university, I knew I wanted to be a teacher and I had always been good at math, so I started a dual Education and Mathematics program. I wanted to do research, but I found out that my school didn’t offer Math research positions to undergrads. They did offer them for Physics, so I promptly changed my major and didn’t look back. But regardless of the topic of study, I knew I wanted to teach. I worked at my university’s Natural History Museum as an event coordinator, acting as a mediary between the research being done at the school and the general public.

After graduation, I decided I wanted to leave The States for a bit and see the world. I took a job teaching Physics at a bilingual school in Quito Ecuador. I have been living here for the past 4 years, trying to get students to not hate Physics, and doing quite a bit of exploring in my spare time.