Mallory Choudoir


I am queer and I am a microbial ecologist.//


I love the complexities of soil ecosystems, and my research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary processes that create patterns of soil microbial biogeography. I grew up in rural central Wisconsin, and while a Midwesterner at heart, I always look forward to the new places my research career takes me. Right now, I am a postdoc at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and my project aims to describe patterns of evolution and adaptation of bacteria to long-term soil warming. My work is part wet-lab, part field work, and part computational. Outside of work, I like hiking and camping with my doggo and my partner, and reading feminist sci-fi.

As scientists, we devote our ideas, our energy, and so much of ourselves to our research. I believe it’s really important that we are able to show up with our identities wholly and unapologetically. It’s a huge motivation of mine to work towards making research communities more equitable and inclusive spaces.