Vinko Culjak Mathieu


I’m gay and I’m a pollination ecologist and entomologist. //

I’m an MSc candidate in entomology at McGill University, where I study the temporal dynamics of plant-pollinator networks in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. I am particularly interested in describing how these networks change across a flowering season, how robust they are to disturbances, and how they respond to the ever-intensifying effects of climate change. During my undergrad degree, I fell in love with ecology, entomology, and botany, so doing research in pollination ecology was the perfect fit. I’ve had the pleasure of working at the University of Ottawa, the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, and the Hakai Institute, where other members of the LGBTQ+ community supported me and helped to make me feel less isolated. Though I used to keep my sexuality separate and hidden from my academic life, I’m now out to my colleagues. Being out at work has made me feel more comfortable and has helped me become a better scientist. Today, I am increasingly aware of the value of LGBTQ+ visibility in STEM fields and want to support others thinking of a career in STEM.