Victoria Catlett


I am non-binary and pansexual and I am a physics and applied mathematics undergraduate.//


I’m Catlett, a Physics and Applied Mathematics undergraduate at The University of Texas at Dallas aiming to graduate in Spring 2022.

I’m using my time as an undergraduate to explore astrophysics research and determine what I want to study in graduate school. My freshman year, I worked on quantifying the effects of massive neutrinos on large-scale structure formation in the BAHAMAS suite of cosmological simulations. My sophomore year, I analyzed high-resolution infrared spectra as a diagnostic of accretion in T Tauri stars. In Summer 2020, I built a graphical user interface to align the wavefront sensors in the Robo-AO-2 autonomous adaptive optics system. Now, I’m working to predict how gravitationally-lensed gravitational waves could manifest in pulsar timing data.

I am passionate about sharing science with others, especially with historically-underrepresented groups in STEM. As the president of my Society of Physics Students chapter, I frequently organize outreach events like star parties and scientific computing workshops. Additionally, I frequently mentor at hackathons to share my programming skills with others.

In my free time, I enjoy kickboxing, playing the piano, and singing 70s music!