Carl Manner


I am pansexual and I am a biologist.//


Early in my undergraduate education I wound up homeless and determined that a college education was beyond both my reach and my station. I worked in hospitality for a bit, found financial stability and a budding career, and then abandoned those things to go back to school. I completed my BS and MS at UNC Greensboro. My MS was completed in a small cell biology lab without any outside funding. I took my first job 1500 miles from home working for a new investigator in a clinical translational lab studying the immunology of liver transplantation. Around the same time, I fell in love with a man I met there, and began to confront for the first time what it was to be out in a world that was largely quite homophobic. My wife and I moved back home to North Carolina on news that my mother-in-law was terminally ill, and having lost much of what we owned in a flood. I joined a well-established lab at UNC, where I studied chromatin biology. I found my chosen family in the LGBTQIA+, kink, and polyamory communities. Seeking research autonomy and career advancement, I began my PhD at Duke.