Víctor Manuel


I am a bisexual, Latinx Neuroscience PhD Student from Bolivia!//

I am a PhD student in Neuroscience in New England. I am originally from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. My family and I moved to the USA looking for the good-ole American dream. I started my research journal during my undergraduate years where I studied the role of macrophages and their relationship with the tumor microenvironment in glioblastoma multiform. I majored in molecular biology and chemistry in New Jersey and then went on to pursue my Ph.D. in neuroscience over in the rather cold Massachusetts. I am happy that my graduate studies provided me with an environment where I could be out, proud, and feel safe. When I am not in the lab with my rats, you can find me at recruitment events trying to make our campus more inclusive.

Twitter: @suarez_damien, Instagram @bickt0r