Tom Morin


I am gay and I am a cognitive neuroscientist. //

I believe that as queer people, we are introspective by nature. In a society that does not fully accept us, we are forced to look deep inside ourselves, to truly understand who we are. It is that vein of self-analysis that got me hooked on the philosophy of the mind, and eventually interested in neuroscience. How do our brains create, communicate, learn, and remember? These are the questions that get me excited about heading into the lab every day. Currently, I am a PhD student in the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab at Boston University. We use imaging techniques like MRI and EEG to learn about how the brain is organized and to try to make sense of what it’s doing. My current work investigates how the human brain processes sequences of information and completes patterns. I have lived my entire life in the Boston area, and recently moved into the city with my partner. While I’m not in the lab, you’ll find me looking for cool bridges, kayaking on the Charles River, and loving life!