Stephen A. Early


I’m bi and I’m a chemical biologist. //

I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying biochemistry and biomedical engineering, and my current research in the Blackwell Lab utilizes chemical biology approaches to interrogate bacterial communication, termed quorum sensing, in Gram-negative bacteria. I utilize a combination of synthetic organic chemistry and biochemical techniques to design chemical tools to decipher the chemical language bacteria use to establish group behaviors. When not in the lab, I’m enthusiastically involved in public outreach in the Madison-area, sharing the wonder of science with members of the community, and also love to hike, camp, enjoy nature, and write poetry. Following my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue a PhD in chemical biology/biochemistry to continue to fuel my desire to work at the interface of chemistry and biology while also appreciating the beautifully diverse composition of the natural world as well as our scientific enterprise. It’s important to me to be open and out as a queer member of the scientific community—to serve as one of the many voices to advocate for members of the LGBTQ community and to promote a diverse and inclusive professional setting that recognizes the significance of unique perspectives and backgrounds.