I’m a bisexual trans man and I’m a medical student. //

When I was in college, I faced a crossroads: While my neuropharmacological research was fascinating, I knew it was the translational element that truly captured my attention. I wanted to go to medical school to learn more about human health. But equally, I knew that I was transgender, and at that time, I truly, truly believed these two things were incompatible. I’d never heard of a trans person in medicine or indeed, in the sciences in general. I thought I’d have to chose between my passion and my gender identity. I thought I was all alone. Clearly, that wasn’t the case. Today, I’m in my final year of medical school and so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to study the strange and complex and endlessly wonderful subject that is the human body. To all LGBTQ+ students who feel caught between their gender/sexuality and their career in the sciences, remember: You’re not the only one and no, you don’t have to pick!