Sophia Frentz

They/Them, She/her, he/him

I am bisexual and non-binary and I am a technology consultant.//

I have a PhD in genetics – I investigated potential treatments for childhood mitochondrial diseases, testing and developing better ways to test treatments – and now work as a technology consultant for a major consulting firm. I use my problem solving skills every day and my weird facts about genetics make me a hit at the office (no, seriously). Moving away from academia is the best choice I ever made – I’m happier, healthier, treated better, supported incredibly well by my work, and I still get to be a massive nerd about what I do (I’m really glad to still be in STEM). I keep up my science chops on the side, doing some writing and hosting a podcast called Things of Interest with a friend who’s made a similar leap away from academia.

Twitter: @SophiaFrentz