Cynthia Bauerle

She/Her, he/him, they

I am queer and I am a molecular biologist and administrator.//

As a white scientist committed to access and inclusion for all students, it is so important to have non-white friends and colleagues challenge me to understand my place in the world, to recognize my privilege and biases. As someone who identifies gender queer, my own experiences with prejudice and discrimination as parent in a multi-racial, same-sex family help me keep perspective on the challenges students and faculty of color face every day. I understand the burden of stereotype threat and internalized homophobia, the importance of institutional and federal protections against discrimination, and the importance of mentors who “look like you.” Our challenge is to develop all the talent we have in this country, to engage every young person with an interest in science and ensure they have access to the best education. We can’t afford to lose any STEM-interested students because they can’t find a place to belong. I am inspired by the efforts of scientists who work to expand access for students who have historically been marginalized, and to build an inclusive community where everyone can achieve their potential. As dean, I’m doing my best work when I can provide support for our faculty to advance these efforts.

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