Siddhartha Chakraborty (Sid)


I am queer—you can label me as pansexual or sapiosexual, I’ve no boundaries, I don’t see people just by their gender and sexualities—and I am a PhD student in (cellular and molecular biology) with biophysics as core interests.//


I’m a PhD student at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, I’ve grown up in India, growing up, not knowing much about gender identities and sexual identities I felt constantly being locked up in an extremely conservative society. Science happened to be my escape and I found that I was liberated while I pursued science, art nature. During my undergrad days I got acquainted with people who were loving ,caring ,accepting of my views ,although I came across bullies and judgemental people my whole life and I have no hate towards them, sometimes I feel sorry for them because they don’t understand or cannot appreciate the beauty of “variety” and “imperfections” and how “perfect” they are in so many eyes. I am trained in Biophysics and Structure function studies and have recently moved on to areas of single Molecule Biophysics,single cell Biophysics and Systems Biology. My work can address multiple issues of Antibiotic resistance, Tumor cell behavior, cellular evolution and Molecular evolution across gene scales. I’m always up for connecting with people who can appreciate the beauty of science, art , culture, nature and appreciate unity,diversity,equality and equity. Being a south asian brown person , I understand the hate that black people especially and asian,latino,queer people and LGBTQIA and women face in today’s world. So I want to be an active voice for a change and I want to be a voice or rather I want to stand with them to see a future where Love outshines hate.

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